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ICCT 2018 Video

Aim & Scope

Convergence for Creativity

  ICCT is the first and comprehensive international conference on the various aspects of culture technology and its applications. International Conference on Culture Technology 2019 will provide a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of cultural technology. The goal of this conference is to bring together the researchers from academic and industry to share ideas, works, problems and solutions related to the multifaced aspects of culture technology. Authors are invited to submit original papers and works in all areas related to culture technologies and their applications. Topics include, but not limited to, the following areas:

1. Digital Contents

(a) VR & AR: Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mixed reality, Multiple realistic space implementation, industry adaptive VR
(b) Game: Massive on-line game based on virtual world, Game for welfare promotion, Immersing cinematic reality game, Game utilization in culture
(c) Convergence Contents: Senseware, Smart contents, Edu-Contents
(d) Media: Animation CG, Digital cinema

2. Foundation / Source

(a) Contents Design: Storytelling, Contents producton pipeline
(b) Graphics: Physical engine, Rendering, 3D stereoscopic, Motion graphics, Hologram
(c) UX-based Interface: User experience, Action recognition
(d) Social Media: Social media analysis and utilization
(e) Data Management: Data retrieval for culture contents, Data collection and analysis for culture contents, DB modeling for culture contents, DBMS for culture contents
(f) Sound & Music: Sound technology and music technology

3. Performance / Exihibition

(a) Performance Technology: Technology of cutting edge of performance, Massive performance technology,
(b) Exihibition Technology: Advanced implementation technology, Digital exihibition technology
(c) Crafts Technology: Traditional material modernization, production technology modernization
(d) Traditional Music Technology: Modernization of traditional music, Advancement of traditional musical instruments, Populizing traditional music

4. Culture Service

(a) Cultural Heritage Technology: Culture enjoyment support technology, Restoration technology of original form
(b) Tourism Service Technology: Evaluation medel of tourism resources, Characterization technology of tourrism factor, Awareness raising of tourism R&D, Construction of tourism R&D support system
(c) Sports Service Technology: U-sports care service, Sports service marketing, Sports service information, Sports image/video analysis, virtual sports
(d) Library Technology: Journal publishing technology, Repositary technology
(e) Museum Technology: All museum technologies including exhibition and preservation technology
(f) Copyright Technology: Copyright protection & usage technology, Detection technology of copyright infringement, Management of copyright-works distribution

5. Advanced Technology

(a) Machine Intelligence: Intelligent technology applied to culture technology, New AI technology
(b) IOT & Big Data: IOT & Big-data technology applied in culture technology, New IOT & Big Data technology

6. Humanity / Social Science

(a) Culture & Technology in Humanity: Culture and technology related with humanity study
(b) Culture & Technology in Social Science: Culture and technology related with social science study

7. Art / Design

(a) Culture & Technology in Art: Culture and technology related with art
(b) Culture & Technology in Design: Culture and technology related with design

8. Convergence Technologies

All convergence technologies not limited to a specific field

9. Special Session

Papers & Submission

All papers will be fully refereed and undergo a blind review process by at least three referees of the international program committee. All accepted papers will be published in International Conference on Culture Technology 2019 Proceedings. Distinguished papers presented in the conference will be further revised and published in special issues of prestigious international journals(SCIE, SCOPUS, IJCT)
The paper must be written in English and follow the ICCT paper template provided below. The paper length is limited to no more than 6 pages. Papers must be submitted only in MS-WORD(Doc) format. All paper submissions will be handled electronically via online submission system at the conference webpage

*** Paper Template Download: Click here to download. ***
*** Copyright Form: Click here to download. ***

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission:   June 15, 2019
Acceptance Notification:   June 30, 2019
Camera-Ready Paper Submission: July 10, 2019
Early Registration: July 10, 2019

Conference Venue

Siam Bayshore Resort, Pattaya, Thailand

Contact Information

If you have any question for the conference, please contact Program Chair at dongkyun@knu.ac.kr.


Hosted by

International Association for Convergence Science & Technology (http://iacst.org),
National Electronocs and Computer Technology Center, Thailand
Kasetsart University, Thailand

In Cooperation with

Design Intelligence Award (http://www.di-award.org)

Sponsored by

Oriental Consultants Global, Japan
Autodesk, USA
Pinetree Asosociates, Korea
CHM Corporation, Korea
Paratus Investment, Korea




Steering Committee

Professor, Pyeoungkee Kim
Silla University, South Korea

Professor, TaeSoo Yun
Dongseo University, South Korea

Professor, Rattasit Sukhahuta
Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Professor, Xia Yingchong
Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology, China

President, Bill Chen
Zhejiang Creative Textile Industry Research Institute, China

Professor, Sungpil Lee
Dongseo University, South Korea

Professor, Fei Hao
Shanxi Normal University, China

Professor, YongUk Lee
Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan

Professor, Hisaki Nate
Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan

Principal Researcher, Thepchai Supnithi
NECTEC, Thailand

Professor, Rolly Intan
Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Professor, Elena Tsomko
Dongseo University, Russian Federation

Professor, I Putu Agung Bayupati
Udayana University, Indonesia

Professor, Yulia M. Kom
Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Professor, Guydeuk Yeon
Christ University, India

Professor, Intiraporn Mulasastra
Kasetsart University, Thailand

Rector, Dam Quang Minh
Western University, Vietnam

Professor, Ted Shin
Denver Metropolitan University, USA

Professor, Donghwa Lee
Daegu University, South Korea

Professor, Sian Lun Lau
Sunway University, Malaysia

Professor, Hyeyoung Ko
Seoul Women's University, South Korea

Professor, Jiman Hong
Soongsil University, South Korea

Professor, KyungSoo Kwon
Dongseo University, South Korea

Professor, Lee Yun Li
Sunway University, Malaysia

Professor, Jaeho Pyeon
San Jose State University, USA

Professor, Hyunjin Chun
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Professor, SeHyun Park
Daegu University, South Korea

Professor, Dongkyun Kim
KyungPook National University, South Korea

Professor, EunYi Kim
Konkook University, South Korea

Vice President, JongSoo Rhee
Pinetree Associates, South Korea

CEO, SangHyo Lee
Namu Coding, South Korea

Professor, Mustafa Eren Yildirim
Bahcesehir University, Turkey

Professor, Soon Ki Jung
Kyungpook National University, Korea

Organizing Committee

Honorable Chairs

Dr. Thawesak Konantakool
Chairman of NECTEC, Thailand
Dr. Puchong
Vice President of Kasetsart University, Thailand
Dr. Pyeoungkee Kim
President of IACST

Organizing Chairs

Dr. TaeSoo Yun
Dongseo University, Korea
Dr. Thepchai Supnithi
NECTEC, Thailand
Prof. Intiraporn Mulasastra
Kasetsart University, Thailand

Registration Chairs

Dr. SeHyun Park
Daegu University, Korea
Dr. DongHwa Lee
Daegu University, Korea

Local Arrangement Chairs

Dr. Thanawin Rakthammanon
Kasetsart University, Thailand
Dr. Watchira
NECTEC, Thailand

Publicity Chairs

Dr. EunYi Kim
Konkuk University, Korea

Publication Chair

Prof. KyungSu Kwon
Dongseo University, Korea
Ms. Junghye Kim

Technical Program Committee

TPC Chairs

Dr. Dongkyun Kim
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Dr. Somchoke Reung-ittinum
Kasetsart University, Thailand
Dr. Rattasit Sukhahuta
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Dr. Sungpil Lee
Dongseo University, Korea
Dr. Hyeyoung Ko
Seoul Women's University, Korea

International Advisory Committee

Dr. Kazuo Sugiyama
Oriental Consultant, Japan
Dr. Kwangyun Wohn
NST, Korea
Dr. Chonggi Kim
Shanghai University of Science & Technology, China
Dr. Tongjin Kim
Purdue University, USA

Exhibition Committee

Design Program Chairs

Prof. Kiesu Kim
Silla University, Korea
Prof. Seungpok Choi
Silla University, Korea
Prof. Xia Yingchong
ZJC, China

Keynote Speech

Invited Speech

Speech Title: TBD




Invited Speech

Speech Title: TBD







1. New Paper Submission

*** You must have an IACST membership (email)ID to submit a paper to ICCT conference.

*** Please Subscribe/Login using the buttons above.

1. New Work Submission

*** Please don't submit the same work multiply.
For work info. update, please use [2. Update My Submitted Work Inof.] menu below. ***

Name of the First Author
Affilation / Institution
Country of the First Author
Email of the Corresponding Author
Password Confirmation
Exhibition to Participate
Title of the Work
Brief Author Profile
Work Explanation
Work Format
Preferred Presentation Method

Work-File Attachment

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Email of the 2nd Author
Email of the 3rd Author
Email of the 4th Author
Email of the 5th Author

*** Please be sure that you filled all information fields before you click the button below !!! ***


2. Update My Submitted Work Info.

*** In case you want to change(update) your old submission,
please type the email, password and submission number which you received in the previous submission email. ***

Email of the Corresponding Author
work Submission Number
Exhibition to Participate




August 13(Tuesday), Day for Friendship
Place: Siam Bayshore Resort, Pattaya, Thailand

Time Program

Exhibition Setup by CADI / ISCC 2019 Committee

@ Siam Bayshore Resort

Experiencing Local Culture

@ Pattaya Area

Welcome Reception

( IACST directors and Vips are welcome to join )

August 14(Wednesday), Day for Excellence
Place: Siam Bayshore Resort, Pattaya, Thailand

Time Program


@ Conference Room of Siam Bayshore Resort

ICCT2019 Opening Ceremony

.Opening Address (President, IACST)
.Welcome Message (Chairman, NECTEC)
.Congratulatory Message (Vice-President, Kasetsart University)

@ ZJC Auditorium

Keynote Speech 1


@ Conference Room
11:20~11:30 Tea Break

Keynote Speech 2


@ Conference Room

Lunch Time

@ Siam Bayshore Cafeteria

Oral Paper Presentation (OW)

( Session OW1~OW4 )

@ Session Rooms 1~4, Siam Bayshore Resort

August 15(Thursday), Day for Creativity & Convergence
Place: Siam Bayshore Resort, Pattaya, Thailand

Time Program

Settting Up for Poster Paper Presentation

@ Exibition Area, Siam Bayshore Resort

Poster Paper Presentation (PT)

@ Exhibitiob Area, Siam Bayshore Resort

CADI / ISCC 2019 Tape Cutting & Viewing

.Tape cutting & Viewing (together) .Meeting with the Creators (together)

@ Exhibition Area, Siam Bayshore Resort

Lunch Time

@ Siam Bayshore Resort Cafeteria

Oral Paper Presentation (OT)

( Session OT1~OT4 )

@ Session Rooms 1~4, Siam Bayshore Resort

Convergence it!

( Fellowship & Insight Sharing )

@ Siam Bayshore Resort

ICCT/CADI/ISCC 2019 Awarding Ceremony
Banquet & Performance

Banquet Hall @ Siam Bayshore Resort

August 16(Friday), Day for Culture Experience
Place: Pattaya Area, Thailand

Time Program

Industry - Academy Cooperation Meeting

@ Seminar Room, Siam Bayshore Resort

Evaluation (by the Organizing Committee)

@ Seminar Room, Siam Bayshore Resort



ICCT2019 Paper List

* Click the paper title to view in your web browser *

Submission No Corresponding Author Paper Title (by Session Name)
    Session FR1
# 474
# 479
# 506
# 537
# 562
    Session FR2
# 553
# 568
# 591
# 619
    Session FR3
# 439
# 465
# 532
# 587
# 708
    Session FR4
# 461
# 478
# 519
# 569
# 574
    Session FR5
# 463
# 466
# 472
# 552
# 621
    Session ST-P1
# 460
# 536
# 557
# 558
# 782
# 783
    Session ST-P2
# 507
# 521
# 524
# 531
# 561
# 566
    Session ST-P3
# 593
# 604
# 617
# 774
# 781
# 932
    Session ST-P4
# 452
# 607
# 711
# 756
# 773
# 886
# 887
# 888
# 889
# 890
    Session ST-P5
# 519
# 525
# 528
    Session ST1
# 496
# 548
# 551
# 572
    Session ST2
# 1018
# 518
# 601
# 602
    Session ST3
# 606
# 608
# 618
# 779
    Session ST4
# 559
# 584
# 597
# 603
# 885
    Session ST5
# 468
# 482
# 511
# 529
# 775
    Session ST6
# 534
# 554
# 556
# 727
# 848
    Session ST7
# 533
# 573
# 586
# 598
# 620

Submission No Corresponding Author Paper Title (by Paper Submission Number)


Guide Line for Authors/Chairs

Submission Policy

ICCT is a refereed conference and all submitters must accept the following agreement:

Making a submission to ICCT is a serious matter and we expect anyone submitting to ICCT to confirm the following:

  1. I confirm that this submission is the work of myself and my co-authors.
  2. I confirm that any research reported in this submission involving human subjects has gone through the appropriate approval process at my institution.
  3. I confirm that I have read the conference policies for publication and agree to abide by them.
  4. I confirm that I will treat the intellectual property and contributions of my fellow contributors and the reviewers of my work with respect.

Reviewing Policy

This section gives policy guidelines for the evaluation of material for ICCT Proceeding publication. The audience is both program chairs and potential authors.

  1. Submitted papers shall be reviewed by three qualified, independent reviewers who are asked to assess the relavance, originality, correctness and quality, validity of conclusion, and clarity of writing of the paper; and who are asked to provide a written review report that shall be provided to the author.
  2. In cases where reviewer comments suggest that a paper may be acceptable only with revisions, the author(s) shall have an opportunity to submit a revised paper. Minor revisions may be reviewed by the program committee or designee.

Reviewing Process

This section gives general reviewing process.

  1. All submissions should be made through the official "paper submisssion" menu of ICCT website and submitters must be a member of IACST(http://iacst.org). For an efficient and just review, submission by mail is not allowed. Including paper submission and review status verification, each submission and review process can be checked on the official ICCT website.
  2. Normal review usually takes one month and paper review result will be mailed when all three reviewers finish the review process. Also, the detail review results of the three reviews will be shown on ICCT website.
  3. At least one registration is required for each accepted paper and it can be done on the ICCT website.
  4. After the paper is published, the conference proceeding book will be posted on ICCT website.

Guideline for Authors


Oral Sessions

1. Duration of the Presentation
The allotted time for each speaker is 12 minutes to present and 6 minutes for Q&A.

2. Equipment in Presentation Room
Each presentation room will have a projector, a screen and a laptop computer running PowerPoint under MS Windows, equipped with USB port.

3. Preparation for Your Presentation Session
Bring a USB memory with your PowerPoint presentation and make sure that your file is copied on the laptop computer before your session starts. Please show up 15 minutes before the actual session starts and introduce yourself to the session chair. Be prepared to give some bibliographic details about yourself to the chairperson so that he/she can introduce you before your presentation.

Poster Sessions

1. Duration of the Presentation
The poster session has 60 minutes, requiring all presenters to be available at their posters during the session.

2. Poster Specification
Posters must be designed to fit a 841mm wide x 1189mm tall board. Posters may be prepared as a single poster or as several smaller sections mounted together. The heading of the poster should list the paper title, author(s) name(s), and affiliation(s).

3. Poster Set-Up
Posters may be attached to the boards by push pins or tapes, which will be provided. Posters must be set up by presenters 10 minutes before the session starts. Posters must be removed by presenters right after the session is over. Posters not removed by 10 minutes after the session will be removed by volunteers (session organizers not responsible for posters left after this deadline).


Guideline for Chairs


Before Your Session

1. Check the Program
Prior to departure for the meeting, check the program on our website (http://icct.iacst.org/index.php) to find the time slot for the session that you are chairing.

2. Pick Up the Materials for Session Chair from Registration Desk
Please arrive at the registration desk about 20minutes prior to the start of the session and pick up the material prepared for a session chair.

3. Check the Meeting Room
Please arrive at the session room about 10 minutes prior to the start of the session and familiarize yourself with the controls for lights, microphones, a pointer, and a projector. If you encounter problems, immediately alert the session staff who is serving your session in the session room. Meanwhile, you have to check the presence of individual speaker in your session.

During Your Session

1. Introduction
At the start of the session, briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing system to the audience, and as often during the session as you think necessary.

2. Time Allotment
The allotted time for each speaker is 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A. . If possible, you may give a brief introduction of the speaker to the audience, including his or her affiliation and position, at the beginning of each presentation.

3. Absent Speakers
Should a speaker fail to appear, you may recess the session until it is time for the next scheduled abstract. If you are notified of the absence of any speaker before the session starts, please announce it to the audience. You have to report the absence of any speaker to the secretariat for conference administration at the registration desk.



*** At least one author of each accepted paper MUST register and present paper at the conference in order for the paper to be included in the program. Additional authors also have to register to join the conference sessions and banquet. ***

Registration Fee

Regular 1st Paper Registration : US$ 500
Regular 1st Paper Early Registration : US$ 450 (by July 10, 2019)
Regular 2nd Paper or Additional Author Registration : US$ 300
Regular 1st/2nd Paper Registration from Developing Countries : US$ 400
ACM / ACM SIGAPP Member Registration : US$ 400
Student Paper Registration : US$ 450
Participation w/o Paper Submission : US$ 300

Registration by Bank Transfer

Please refer to the following account for bank transfer:

Swift Bic : KOEXKRSE
Account # : 271-890008-57838
Account Name : IACST(International Association for Convergence Science & Technology)
Bank Address : 16, Baegyang-daero 324bon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan SINJURYE SUB-BRANCH

For those who want to send Korean-Won(₩), instead of US dollars for bank-transfer, please use the following account :

Bank Name : HANA BANK
Account # : 271-890005-94904
Account Name : IACST(International Association for Convergence Science & Technology)

Registration by PAYPAL

Registration Type

한국내에서의 신용카드 결제

한국에서 신용카드로 등록비를 결제하실 경우 이 곳을 선택하시면 결제 창으로 이동합니다. 등록비 영수증이 미리 필요하신분은 icct@iacst.org로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

Venue, Accommodation & Travel Information

Conference Venue

Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand

Address:Siam Bayshore
559 Beach Road, Pattaya City Chonburi, 20150, Thailand
Tel: +66 38 428 678 Fax: +66 38 428 730

Travelling to Pattaya
By car:
Pattaya can be reached in a two-hour drive along the Bangna-Trat Highway via Bang Pakong, Chonburi and Si Racha. However, visitors can avoid Chonburi by opting for Highway 36, the new Chon Buri - Pattaya - Rayong route.

By bus:
Regular air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok's Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) and Northern Bus Terminal (Mochit) daily. Buses depart the Eastern Bus Terminal every 30 minutes, from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, and from the Northern Bus Terminal frequently between 5:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can also hop a mini-van from Century One shopping mall (beside Victory Monument) just up the road from the hotel. This is a very fast and convenient option; rides take just 1.5hrs and cost Bht 120. There are also a few minibuses that travel directly from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya, departing 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm daily.

Getting Around Pattaya
Baht Buses:
"Baht Buses" are blue pick-up trucks with a hard canopy top and bench seats in the back. Around Pattaya all you have to do is flag down the driver with a small gesture, get on, wait until you are about five meters from your exact destination, ring the bell on the ceiling and your driver will stop. You pay him through the window on the pavement side. Do remember to keep some change for these as they don't like changing large notes. The standard fee for anywhere on the route is 10 baht for foreigners. Fares for longer stages are written in the back of every taxi.

Proper taxis with air-con are available for trips anywhere, not just to the airport. These taxis are not normally metered and any trip is subject to bargaining. However there are various standard fares, and most taxi firms advertise these. Most of the drivers speak a bit of English and are great sources of information. Otherwise, our hotel is happy to arrange transport to any destination, please speak with our Travel Counter for details.

Motorbike-taxis are a way of life in Pattaya. If you want to get to somewhere quickly or conveniently, particularly at busy times, these are your best option. On every corner in Pattaya, you'll find a gathering of motos. They are there 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. These drivers will take you anywhere for 20/50 baht each depending upon the distance. As always in Thailand, remember to negotiate the price before heading off.

Pattaya Council has recently started a bus service with three routes around the city and up to Sukhumvit Road and Jomtien Beach. These buses are not as regular or as easy to find as a Baht Bus or moto though. A leaflet about bus routes cab be obtained from the hotel.





ICCT2018 Proceeding

*** ICCT2019 Paper Template : Click here to download. ***
*** ICCT2019 Copyright Form: Click here to download. ***

*** ICCT2019 Call for Session: Click here to download. ***
*** ICCT2019 Session Information: Click here to download. ***